Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks in America

A very interesting documentary by PBS about the lives of a few Shaolin monks who went to America to teach kung-fu.


Probably the best piece about web advertising that I have ever read

"The Facebook Fallacy" on Technology review is probably the best article on internet advertising that I have ever read. Thanks to Stefano Quintarelli for linking it.


Firmiamo per Stefano Quintarelli presidente Agcom

Anche io appoggio la candidatura di Stefano Quintarelli a presidente Agcom. Da anni seguo il suo blog e sono convinto che sia una persona competente in materia di telecomunicazioni.
La campagna è online qui.


"Ave Maria" del soprano Claudia Garavini

Poichè siamo nel mese mariano, pubblico un video del concerto interamente dedicato all'Ave Maria svoltosi in Sestri Levante a dicembre 2011. Canta il soprano Claudia Garavini accompagnata dal Maestro Walter Proni.
La galleria completa è visibile a questo link.

Lightworks is coming!

Finally, Lightworks is coming, at least for windows. On the 28th of May 2012 the Windows version will be released, while for Linux a release date is still unknown. I was beginning to think that Lightworks was vaporware. In the meantime, Linux video editing is getting better by the day. Openshot is quite good, Kdenlive is getting a code rewrite and Novacut is beginning to take shape.